About SEO Services

About SEO Services

About SEO Services

Important Information About SEO Services

“Its Estimated One Million Pound of Ecommerce Business is Generated every 30 Seconds”

 Organisations can no longer ignore the competitive advantage SEO provides when selling or promoting services and products on the internet.

What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of attracting organic traffic to websites via search engines such as Google and Bing.

In a world of acronyms SEO is the meaning for “search engine optimisation”, “to optimise in SEO means we look to improve incremental variables of the service to deliver better results”.

To obtain a more prominent ranking SEO is the ability to influence organically search engine results.

It’s likely you will encounter further acronyms like SERP, “search engine results page” this is the preview list you see by typing in a key word.

Many internet customers use PPC “Pay for Click” or “Sponsored Links”, this is Googles service for advertisers with a budget who pay to direct traffic to their site. PPC can be expensive as every time someone clicks on your site it diminishes your budget.

The Technology

How do you find what you’re looking for and how do search engines keep everything relevant and up to date?

Google uses a Googlebot a web crawling tool, also called a spider, it trawls the internet using previous listed URL pages as reference points. The Googlebot then locates new links and adds them, any dead or broken links are also referenced and updated in the software’s index.

Another task is to index all the page words, a huge task with millions of internets pages on the internet.

How Do you Find What your Searching for?

When you type in any query into the search bar, the search engine looks for indexed matching pages it believes are relevant to the user.

A Search Engine can use Around 200 Factors to Determine any Search Relevancy
Page Ranking Comes from the Ability of a Search Engine to use all its Informational Factors to Rank any One Page

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