SEO Guarantee


SEO Guarantee

Its good practice to gain an SEO guarantee in a complex services market where you don’t always get success – we provide good customer expectations and satisfaction guarantees for potential customers.

Our SEO services are a combination of good practice and ethic services, why we are confident our services work is because our SEO techniques are benchmarked against other successful campaigns and we just follow the formula.

Any SEO service needs to follow a process starting with a strategy, you cover all the standard basis and provide a foundation for the future services to be built on. With SEO services work well and rankings organically improve quite quickly, typically after around 3 months.

You are always checking results and revising your strategy, some SEO projects require more in-depth work than others and its always good to understand the challenges when it comes to competitive ranking key word phrases.

Also appreciate when your competing with the likes of Amazon, Apple or Microsoft you are likely to be challenged in the amount of traffic you can attract, taking this into consideration we would always like to think we try and set the correct expectations from the start.

What we don’t do?

  • We don’t tie you into any contract
  • We only charge you for the services we provide – No Hidden Charges
  • We don’t tell you we can get you on page one

What we do?

We recommend for good SEO practices to work and provide a return on investment – 12 months of services are required. Taking our recommendations into consideration we offer you a complete “peace of mind” while evaluating our services.

  • We ask you only to pay for our services for an initial 3 month period
  • We ask you after this period to re-evaluate if you think the services are working
  • If you are satisfied with the progress after the 3 month period we ask you to pay for the services for another 3 month period, normally by means of direct debt
  • If you are not happy with the services after 3 months we will cancel your services on that date
  • After the 3 months we request you provide us with 30 day’s notice to cease the services we provide

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